Marsella is an elegant frame for women. It is inspired by the sea and the upper part of the front shows soft waves, while the lower part shows a high wave that corresponds to the bridge and makes the hollow for the nose. Keep in mind that its acetate is compostable, so it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly frame. At Proud Eyewear we have the concept of the circular economy as the basis for our designs.

Optical frame only available for opticians. Check your nearest optical here.

49 ☐ 22 ‐ 145

Solo venta a profesionales.

Glasses with elegant frames for women Transparent
Elegant transparent glasses for women

Inspired by the sea

Marsella is a compostable acetate frame. Proud wants to be a benchmark as a firm of sustainable acetate glasses. The concept of circular economy is not incompatible with design and quality; We have the evidence in this elegant frame for women, inspired by the sea.

Product details

  • Italian compostable acetate front
  • Italian compostable acetate temples
  • Case, cleaning cloth and carrying case
  • 7 Colours Available
  • German 5 barrel hinge
  • Security screws

Additional information

Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 6 cm

Marsella C1 Beige, Marsella C2 Blue, Marsella C3 Caramel, Marsella C4 Gray, Marsella C5 solid grey, Marsella C6 translucent blue, Marsella C7 Green


Beige, Blue, Caramel, Gray, Green, Solid Grey, Translucent blue


Compostable acetate