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Sustainable Fashion in your glasses

Our goal from the beginning was to be an ethical brand. That is why we prioritize doing things well.

Proud compostable glasses respect our customers and our environment, rather than maximizing our profit margin. We are of those who think that in the end everything comes. And we are proud of it.

The Circular Economy is the basis of Sustainability and our frames are basically made of two elements: compostable Italian acetate made from cotton, which when its useful life ends, returns to nature in the form of compost; and the steel of our German ironwork. Steel can be recycled in an unlimited way without losing its properties. For all this we can say that our frames are sustainable.

Design yes, ecology too

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From Acetate to Compost in record time

Our compostable acetate is capable of composting (90%) in just 115 days in a composter. It complies with the UNE EN 14855-2: 2019 Standard, which requires that the decomposition time be less than 180 days (by 90%).

Acetate is the material par excellence of glasses. It can be heated to shape and adjust, it is hypoallergenic, it stands the test of time well. In addition, over the years it can be polished again to regain its initial shine and we can even glue it in case of breakage.

Sustainability means not leaving residues for life and with the material of our glasses we can achieve it. Join us! Say NO to plastic with little use of time and that litters our planet for many years. Switch to compostable acetate.

Proud, the brand of compostable glasses that makes you feel good on the inside (you know that you are doing things well for yourself and for everyone), and on the outside (with its design you will not leave anyone indifferent).

Feel beautiful, feel Proud.

Biodegradable compostable glasses in composter

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