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Proud glasses: design, quality and ecology,
make us unique.

Proud eyewear, the brand of compostable optical frames that makes you feel good on the inside, because you know that you are doing things well for yourself and for everyone; and on the outside because with its design you will leave no one indifferent. Feel beautiful, feel Proud.

Choose from our variety of Proud eyewear glasses the one that best suits you. Our collection has optical frames and sunglases for men and women, you can request a free trial here aquí.

Nueva colección

Elige la montura que mejor se adapte a ti y siéntete orgulloso de llevarlas. La nueva colección de gafas Proud está compuesta de monturas compostables que apuestan claramente por el diseño sostenible.
  • Oxford black

    Oxford is a light and modern frame that provides a contemporary and casual look, inspired by the automotive world.

    Optical frame only available for opticians. Check your nearest optical here.

  • Marsella Sun

    Marsella is a sun frame for women inspired by the sea. The upper part of the front shows soft waves, while the lower part shows a high wave that corresponds to the bridge and makes the hole for the nose.

    It is an ideal model also for high graduations. The thickness of the acetate allows the eye to be well covered from the sun’s rays without using a very large lens, which makes it possible to maintain an adequate thickness on the edge. It is made with compostable acetate, 5-barrel hinge and security screw, so this is a sustainable frame that respects the environment. At Proud Eyewear we have the concept of the circular economy as the basis for our designs.

  • Oporto Sun

    Oporto is a compostable acetate sunglasses frame, sustainable, modern sunglasses, with a classic appearance but with differentiating design details. Its compostable acetate capable of degrading by 90% in the right environment is the obvious proof that sustainable fashion is possible.

    Available as a frame to graduate only in opticians. Here you can see them.

  • Oxford Sun

    Oxford are light and daring sunglasses that have a suggestive design that attracts attention. With its rounded solar lens, this model moves away from the classics, setting a new trend. It is made with compostable acetate, 5-barrel hinge and security screw.

  • Oxford Black Sun

    Oxford Black Sun is a modern lightweight frame inspired by the automotive world, that provides a contemporary and casual look. They are compostable acetate sunglasses with a suggestive design that attracts attention, which with its rounded solar lens and its bridge reminiscent of a car grill, moves away from the classics, setting a new trend It is made with compostable acetate, 5-barrel hinge and security screw.

  • Benimaclet

    Benimaclet Sun are eco-friendly designer glasses. They are different glasses with a marked character. Its lower edges make clear the intentions not to go unnoticed. With this compostable frame, your image will be more interesting if it’s possible, in addition to respecting the environment.

    This frame is also available here in sunglasses.

Quality and Proud philosophy

Proud eyewear has the firm intention of offering a quality product, always betting on sustainability and respect for the environment Our frames are designed in Spain and comply with European quality regulations on optical health products.

As such, we think that it should be a qualified optician who prescribes the lenses according to the needs of each person. And that is why Proud glasses can only be purchased at specialized opticians.

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