2030 GOAL

Proud of our way of being

Proud Eyewear was born at a time of profound awareness for our planet and our fellow men. We fully identify with this approach, and we are proud that our goal is to be recognized as an ethical brand of optical frames.

We consider that the Sustainable Development Goals should be a priority in the philosophy of any company. We, who are practically born with them, are going to take them as a long-term guide.

We have managed to avoid the use of plastics, our latest collections are protected with bags made with corn.


Sustainable fashion glasses

Aware of the environment and respect for the planet.

The materials we use for our frames are recyclable metals and cotton acetate, compostable acetate is our star material, since it combines its good characteristics for optical work, a showiness and of course a respect for the environment unknown for some time. For our covers we use cork and other recycled or recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes and natural inks, recycled or sustainably sourced papers…

This is how our base materials are, simple and sustainable.

Our frames are presented cleanly, with no markings to distract from their design and character. Our logo is located on the temple tip, remaining discreetly behind the ear when our frames are used.

We work to be proud of how we do things, we work to make you proud of your image and your contribution to the sustainability of the planet.

Sustainable design glasses Proud


Glasses, health and confidence

The security of doing things right.

It should not be forgotten that Proud frames, despite having a careful design of the latest fashion, are a sanitary product. We think that trust is one of the values that is somehow being lost and we must reinforce. Our frames can only be purchased in opticians, where we will deal with a professional who will look us in the eye (literally). In the optics we can be sure that we are going to get our purchase right, we are going to be well advised, and both the frame and the lenses are going to be customized according to the needs of each person.

So that’s it: we bet on trust, person to person.

Our designs are designed to reinforce self-confidence. We are proud of who we are, proud to wear glasses and to be attractive with them. With Proud glasses we feel safe, with Proud glasses we are proud of ourselves.

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