Ibiza is a graduated cat eye frame, it is the representation of sustainable fashion. The first thing that catches your eye is its marked design. Its compostable acetate degrades by 90% in just 115 days if it is in the right conditions. As you can see, the circular economy is possible. Feel Proud with your new sustainable glasses.

Optical frame only available for opticians. Check your nearest optical here.

52 ☐ 19 ‐ 140

Solo venta a profesionales.

Cat eye Ibiza prescription frame by Proud Eyewear
Transparent graduated cat eye Ibiza frame

Surprise with Ibiza

Ibiza is a compostable acetate cat eye optical frame. Its Valencian design is based on the concept of the circular economy. We have managed to manufacture sustainable glasses, which will be part of the future of fashion, which will be none other than sustainable fashion.

Product details

  • Italian compostable acetate front
  • Italian compostable acetate temples
  • Case, cleaning cloth and carrying case
  • 7 Colours Available
  • German 5 barrel hinge
  • Security screws

Additional information

Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 6 cm

Ibiza C1 Pink, Ibiza C2 Beige, Ibiza C3 Blue, Ibiza C4 Gray, Ibiza C5 Red, Ibiza C6 Lilac, Ibiza C7 Green


Beige, Blue, Gray, Green, Lilac, Pink, Red


Compostable acetate